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Youth Baseball Throwing Drills

Drills that will help youth players with the mechanics of throwing a baseball. This coach teaches sound baseball throwing mechanics and how to correct the most common throwing mistakes. It is important to keep the throwing arm away from the rib cage. Kids need to throw the baseball the right way and to be on target. This is done by following through and keeping the same arm slot. There are a couple of drills that will help teach this.

7 High Energy Drills For Youth Baseball Players

Have you ever seen a youth baseball practice where there are 20 players and one coach on the field. Usually it is the coach throwning hitting practice while all the other players stand around and watch and maybe shag a ball here or there. This video wil demonstrate seven high energy drills that will keep all the players engaged and make a better run practice.

Batting Cage Drill

This batting cage drills is also called the bucket drill. This drill requires two people. The person doing the drill and someone to toss the balls. The drill requires the person that is doing the batting to sit on a bucket with a bat in their hands. The other person sits about 6 feet away across from the batter. This person will soft toss baseballs so that the batter can hit the balls. The object of the drill is to have the batter see the ball and hit the ball without using the feet. There will be a rotation through the hips that is necessary to make contact with the baseball.

Indoor facilities like the one in this video are great place that can provide a year round practice facility. Many of the indoor hitting facilities install used artificial turf as the ground covering. This is a inexpensive way to build a facility that your players can use all year to work on there batting skills and technique.

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